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How To Download FREE Ebooks

Updated: 07/03/2014

You DO NOT need to complete any surveys to download ebooks. All files are safe for downloads, given that you followed the instructions below. (Having trouble? See Notes below)
  1. Browse our library for the ebook that you want to download. Listings can be found at the left of the page
    (sorted by author, series, and by reading lists). Or you may use the Search bar (just enter the author's last name or keyword of book title).

  2. Click on the designated download link of your desired ebook. Mirror links are provided in case the first link does not work.
    A new page/tab will open.

  3. You have to click the yellow button that would appear on the upper right corner of that page.
  4. Just wait for the 5-second countdown to finish. Please be patient. 

  5. Click the SKIP_AD button on the upper right corner of the screen to proceed to the download page.

  • FOR TUSFILES: Always make sure that "Use our download manager..." is unchecked. This can be found at the bottom of the page.

    Always use the GREEN download button found at the TOP of the page.

  • FOR ZIPPYSHARE: Always use the Orange DOWNLOAD NOW button. (Not the green, not the red, only the ORANGE)

  • Having problems?:

    If the link doesn't load e.g.:
    add v2. infront of the link e.g.:
    (Thank you Imke for this info!)
    If still doesn't work, try adding or changing http:// to https://
    This also works when page is stuck in "Please wait.."

    If you are browsing using your mobile phone and every time you go to 'adfly page', it doesn't load or you cannot view the page, try adding "www." before the adfly URL in the address bar.

    If you are browsing using your iPhone, iPad or any Apple device, Safari DOES NOT support downloads so you may want to use a different browser instead (i.e. Dolphin browser). You also need file extractor app such as iZip to open rar/zip files.

    Some browsers may block the destination link if they have an ad-blocking browser extension. You may temporarily disable it or if you prefer not, just leave me a message and I can email you your ebook instead.


    Download files are real and no surveys involved in links. All files are safe for downloads given that you follow the instructions mentioned above. If you see that the file is not an .epub, .pdf, .mobi, rar / .zip extension, DO NOT, I repeat do not, proceed with the download. You may have clicked the wrong link. All ebooks are in .epub, .pdf, .mobi or .rar / .zip. I do not upload any other file type. NO downloads at all should be giving you .exe file. File name format consists of the initials of the title and the author. (e) means epub, (p) means pdf and so on.

    Cannot find the ebook that you are looking for? Enter the title and Author in the "E-Papyrus" (chat box on the right side of our home page) or use the Contact Form. I'll send my "E-Ravens" across kingdoms to search for your ebook and post it here.

    Be sure to visit The Ebook Realm every now and then for new uploaded ebooks. Feel free to drop a message for questions, recommendations, even rants or anything of your heart's desire. 

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