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03 February 2015

The Princess Diaries series - Meg Cabot

 The Princess Diaries series - Meg Cabot  epub download and pdf download
     The story of Mia Thermopolis' adolescent turmoil as an average teenager and a princess of royal descent is chronicled in her on-going journal, where she explores topics of teenage angst, love, and betrayal through a very opinionated eye.
    #1: The Princess Diaries
    #2: Princess in the Spotlight
    #3: Princess in Love
    #4: Princess in Waiting
    #4.1: Princess Lessons: A Princess Diaries Book
    #4.5: Project Princess
    #5: Princess in Pink
    #6: Princess in Training
    #6.5: The Princess Present
    #7: Party Princess
    #7.5: Sweet Sixteen Princess
    #7.6: Valentine Princess
    #8: Princess on the Brink
    #9: Princess Mia
    #10: Forever Princess
    #10.5: Perfect Princess: A Princess Diaries Book

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