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14 May 2014

Maggie Bloom ebooks (3 novels)

Love Over Matter

Love Over Matter Maggie Bloom epub download and pdf download      George is dead. Now Cassie must learn to live without him.

Sixteen-year-old Cassie McCoy would do anything to contact George—her best friend and secret crush—beyond the grave, including dabbling in dark magic. But her “powers” are stuck in neutral. Everyone is on her case to move on with her life. And there’s a lot she never knew about George—or so says a mysterious, familiar-looking stranger who may not only be the key to George’s hidden past but, if the storm clouds align just right, the means of delivering Cassie’s bittersweet goodbye.

RATING: ★★★☆☆ (3.90 out of 5)
            100% of 20 people liked it

Any Red-Blooded Girl

Any Red-Blooded Girl Maggie Bloom epub download and pdf download      The last thing fifteen-year-old Flora Fontain wants to do is spend her summer vacation stuck in a tent with her overprotective parents and angst-ridden brother, especially when she should be in Europe with her best friend Jessie-sipping espresso, posing for cutesy tourist pics, and hunting for hot Italian (or French, or maybe even English) stud-muffins.

But since her parents trust her about as much as they trust a cat burglar at the moment, Flora has no choice but to suffer through the boyfriend-less summer of her discontent from the back of a rented SUV, until Fate tosses a sexy, sophisticated gypsy boy into her path, making Flora wonder if destiny might know best after all.

That is until destiny screws up, big time. Because just as Flora falls head over heels, an unexpected turn of events threatens to land her in the slammer - or worse, separate her from the man of her dreams.

RATING: ★★★☆☆ (3.12 out of 5)
            56% of 336 people liked it

Good Luck, Fatty?!

Good Luck, Fatty Maggie Bloom epub download and pdf download      Spunky North Carolina teen Bobbi-Jo Cotton is overweight, oversexed, underloved and misunderstood. When Dr. Harvey Lassiter, her former high school principal turned bicycle shop owner—with the help of Lex Arlington, a hometown celebrity—sponsors a charity bike race, Bobbi sees an opportunity to test her Schwinn and her fortitude. And when Tom Cantwell, her best (and only) friend, reveals he’s crushing on her, Bobbi figures it’s time to quit passing out screws like they’re dentists’ office suckers.

What Bobbi is having a harder time letting go of is the resentment she feels toward her missionary parents, who, after abandoning her in the night, have flitted back into her life with a surprise: she’s about to be a big sister.

Will Bobbi win the race (and maybe even lose the weight)? Can she overcome her promiscuous past and earn the trust of the boy she just may love? Will her parents care enough about her—or her new baby brother—to stick around (and if they don’t, will she be tough enough to survive another of their betrayals)?

The only way to find out is to come along for the ride. The way Bobbi sees it, all of life’s questions can be answered from the seat of a bicycle. And if they can’t, at least your hair will look great fluttering in the breeze.

RATING: ★★★☆☆ (3.29 out of 5)
            88% of 63 people liked it

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